GHH Compressor

The GHH compressor is a pumping mechanism which is essential for the efficient discharge of your Feldbinder tanker or Spitzer tanker. WG Tanker Services understand the importance of keeping to schedule to ensure profitability. Being able to unload your dry bulk cargo effectively can be achieved by the power of a GHH compressor from GHH Rand.

A GHH Compressor for Dry Bulk

Dry bulk cargos such as cereals, flour, sugar, salt, plastic granulates, animal feed, coal dust, cement, sand and chalk require a means of consistent discharge from the silo.
GHH Rand developed the innovative technology for their GHH Compressor back in the 1950’s. During this era, they invented the first dry running screw compressor and they continue to refine and develop new technology to this day. This compressed air solution reduces the risk of any contaminates damaging dry bulk loads and powders. The consistent air flow is achieved through the motion of rotary screws and this GHH compressor has now become the most common type in the dry bulk industry.
New GHH Compressors always come with GHH Siloil. We also stock GHH Food Quality Siloil and GHH Flushing oil, should you need to clean out old compressors and switch to the type recommended for GHH Rand equipment. 

GHH Compressor Services from WG Tanker

When it comes to tanker parts and spares WG Tanker Services can repair, service or supply new GHH compressors. We are an agent for GHH Rand so if you have any questions about parts and hoses and compressors, please contact us.