We pride ourselves on our levels of service in the field of refurbishment, maintaining and repairing tankers. There is no job we cannot handle, and with as much experience as we have, we know just how far a Tanker can go and how much more life is left in it.

Improved Service Life

If you want to get the miles out of your Tanker and ensure that your investment was worth it, it is always a good idea to consider a refurbishment of any Tanker that seems to be getting passed its prime. As long as the chassis is less than twenty years old, we can confidently say it has the potential to benefit from a refurbishment. By allowing us to repair and overhaul what is there and bringing it back up to good-as-new standards, you can expect a further 10 to 12 years of life out of your trusty old Tanker, which is clearly much more cost-effective than buying a whole new unit.

Improved Safety

If your old Tanker is wearing thin it might not require scrapping and replacing, most of that wear and tear can be replaced in a refurbishment. Damages caused by general use, or improper maintenance don’t have to mean the end of your rig, but it may mean it wants overhauling here and there. After a refurbishment that Tanker will be free from safety issues and you will be able to keep on trucking without delay. Knowing that your Tanker is safe to be on the roads again is surely a weight lifted and comes in at a much lower price point than buying a new Tanker altogether.

Change of Brand

You may also have decided to rebrand yourself and want your new logo and colour scheme to replace the old worn-out branding plastered across your Tanker at present. Not to fear, a refurbishment allows for that, along with improving function, increasing safety and making sure everything is working, it is possible to splash some new colour into the mix and allow your Tanker to speak for your business as it is today, not fifteen years ago when you first bought it.

Change of Use

Over time business needs change, and so does the work that your Tanker does for you in that business. If you are changing from moving around single large items to taking a truck full of smaller freight or shifting from hauling liquids to hauling dry foodstuff, one doesn’t need to replace their Tanker entirely. One can simply refurbish the Tanker itself and make it fit for purpose again. From complete overhauls to adding partitions and better organization options, refurbishment can be a great and cost-effective alternative to replacement.

Bespoke Refurbishments

From repairs and maintenance to full refurbishments we offer a bespoke service to all our clients to ensure we tailor our repairs and refurbishing directly to your needs. Our maintenance bays are expertly equipped and staffed with a team of over 30 highly qualified professionals to carry out any job you require of us.

All of our jobs are completed to the highest specifications, with both internal and external audits we are always checking our work and have a zero-tolerance policy on any work that is substandard, so we hold ourselves to the strictest methods of quality control, ensuring that you as the customer will never be disappointed with the work that we do.

To discuss your tanker refurbishment requirements, please contact our team.