WG Tanker Research & Development and Bespoke Projects

Simply put, we work with our customers to advance in their science, technology and processes to give innovative solutions within the dry bulk tanker industry

With our years of experience and expertise in the bulk powder and compressed air industry, our support will ensure our customers gain that next generation technological advancement with our joint design & build solutions

WG Tanker research and development team offer custom designed and manufactured products to suit our customer’s requirements. We listen to our customers to ensure we develop innovative new solutions and processes to achieve your goals from bespoke design & builds to silenced specialist air and hydraulic technological advancements. We are constantly looking for that next innovative idea to make our customers equipment the best in their respective fields. How do we achieve this? We are one of the leading UK specialists in the Bulk Powder & Liquid Industry with over 300+ years of collective knowledge and expertise earning us premiere partnership status with GHH Rand and are the leading authorised UK repair specialists for the main tanker builders Feldbinder and ZVVZ. Our engineering bays are equipped to high standards and staffed with highly trained engineers using the latest technological systems ensuring the highest standards are always achieved in the most cost effective way for our customers.

Over 300 Combined Years of Experience and Expertise

Bespoke and Tailored for you

Software Development

New Material Development

Environmental Products

Improved Process

Scientific Innovation

New & Improved Product Development

Competitive Pricing

How can we help your business?

WG Tanker research and development team cover a wide spectrum of activities. We work with our customers to develop improvements with their equipment’s technology or operating processes, to support that next generation of technological advancement and innovative solution.

Our R&D activities include:
Prototyping, modelling and prototype testing
Developing 2nd gen or improved products
Designing & developing efficient and innovative operational processes
Improving equipment capability, productivity, cost efficiency, sfety, or energy efficiency
Improving operating processes using new technological advancements
Designing & developing products and technological alternatives

One Stop Shop

The following services are available:

  • Bespoke Emergency Shutdown Systems

  • Specialised Ancillary Installations

  • Carbon Filtration Tanker

  • Vacuum Road Tanker

  • Hydraulic Installation

  • Liquid Installation

  • Powder Compressor Installation

  • Air Movement Silencing Equipment

  • Enviro Filtration Systems
  • Vacuum Filtration Systems

  • Electronic & Pneumatic Valve Systems

  • Electronic & Pneumatic Shut Down

  • Automatic Clutch Fail Safe Systems

  • Compressor Fail Safe Systems