WG Tanker Hire

WG Tanker Hire is a specialist division of WG Tanker Group and is dedicated to tanker hire and ancillary equipment to service the dry bulk industry

About WG Tanker Hire

WG Tanker Hire established in 1993 and continues to grow its hire fleet of over 300+ assets, can supply all types of tankers and equipment from our stock for short or long term hire. We understand that the industry requirements may vary which is why we have a range of hiring solutions designed to cater for all your needs. Our equipment can be hired on a spot-hire basis right through to long term contract lease using our equipment of all leading manufacturers, which can incorporate our maintenance and repair services, tyres including personal livery & decals. In addition to this, we also offer a sale and lease back service where we give you a lump sum to purchase your tanker fleet and then lease these tankers back to you on terms that suit your business.

To support all of our services WG Hire has a dedicated team on hand to deal with all your requests. From new rental enquiry, booking in a service, requesting an estimate or asking for technical assistance you will receive a professional courteous service from our hire team who are specialists in their field.

Do you need to hire only occasionally? Are you seeing an increase in business? Are you at the start of a new season? With short and medium-term rental from WG Tanker Hire, you have found the solution! From one day to 12 months, hire a tanker, or any other of our equipment and enjoy all the benefits of Full Service by WG Tanker Hire.

Are you looking to keep your costs under control, free yourself from administrative and operational burdens whilst being able to keep your business going under any circumstances? For periods of one year and longer, long-term rental is the right option for you! WG Tanker Hire is a leader in the dry bulk tanker hire industry and provides you with all the expertise and know-how needed to ensure that your business keeps on the move. Know WG Tanker Hire is right by your side day by day.

Tanker Hire Fleet

Explore our fleet of tanker hire solutions below.

Bulk Powder and Food Grade Belly Tankers

Bottom Discharge Tankers

Our bulk belly tankers on average have a 34-40m3 capacity. We have a wide range of Feldbinder, Spitzer and ZVVZ tanks. We also hold a range with the latest emissions complaint JCB tier 5 engine for inner city use. These can be bespoke to your operation contact us for more information on our hire range.

Foodgrade Tipping Tankers

Tipping Tankers

All tankers range from 45-65m3 capacity. These can be supplied with or without power packs and include electric tip and hydraulic tip systems. However you operate we can cater for you.

Bulk Powder Site Tanker

Bulk Powder Site Tanker

Available in various size ranges and operational requirements to suit most land stabilisation operations for on site construction use. Operating at 1bar these come with side pressure fill and discharging points with their own onboard diesel powered power pack.

Tractor Unit

Tractor Unit

Available to Hire complete with bulk powder discharging equipment, including hydraulic wet kit for tipping applications 24v anderson lead and connections and forward facing cameras.

Stand Alone Acoustic Power Pack

Land Based Compressor Accoustic Power Packs

With the latest engine and compressor technologies these can produce up to 900m3 of air per hour and has noise levels or less than 77dba at 3 mtrs.

Bulk ISO Tipping Skelly Tankers

Bulk ISO Tipping Skeletal Tankers

We have a selection of Food Grade and Bulk Powder ISO Tankers mounted on our Skeletal Tip Trailers powered by 24v Electric Hydraulic Tipping System.

Bulk Powder Super Site Tanker

Bulk Powder Super Site Tanker

These mega tankers hold around 150 tonnes of product. They operate via a diesel powered engine driving a compressor to allow operation of 1bar. Built in is a self purging enviro filtration system allowing dust free air to atmosphere.

Bulk Water Storage Tankers

Bulk Water Storage Tankers

Our water storage tankers are road going vehicles and have been designed to store 40,000ltrs of water and can be used to transport up to 30,000ltrs.

Low Loader Trailers

Low Loader Trailers

Our loaders have extension capabilities both in length and width to support your bespoke and abnormal loading requirements.

Site Silo

Site Silo

These are suitable for most dry powders and granular products, but not food. Economical in their use of ground space.

Skelly Tipping Bag in Box Trailer

Skeletal Tipping Bag in Box Trailer

Can carry a 30ft container with tipping capabilities, fitted with a VM engine and lobe blower suitable with rotary valve for bag in a box applications.

Skelly Tipping Trailer

Skeletal Tipping Trailer

We have a range of skeletal tipping trailers. Complete with electric tipping 24v anderson connection.

WG Tanker Group Established
Road going assets available for hire
Average Dispatch To Delivery Time
Technical Support & Breakdown Assistance
Years of collective knowledge & expertise

We want our customers to benefit from our TANKER HIRE, large stocks, experience & expertise to support them with the correct hiring solutions to achieve the challenges of today.

Advantages of hiring from WG Tanker Hire

Focus on your business when you don’t have to worry about purchasing!

Keep costs under control

When you hire from WG Tanker Hire, you can be confident of a budget that is agreed upfront and kept under control. You hold on to your investment.

Get rid of operational burdens

When you hire from WG Tanker Hire, we take care of all maintenance operations. Leaving you to focus on what matters most: “Your Business”

Free yourself from administrative burdens

We take care of all procedures, insurance testing & certification and administrative tasks etc. You can hire with confidence & peace of mind.

Keep your business going under any circumstances

Should an accident, loss or theft occur, we will replace any equipment on hire from us so that you can keep your business moving!

Please contact us for more information or to make a booking